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FortiGateCloud is a cloud based management platform for FortiGate
enabling easy device configuration and
visibility to prepare, prevent, detect and respond to network threats.
Benefits include:

  • Simple and Efficient Management
  • Identification of previously unknown threats
  • Security Analytics and Visibility
FortiGate Analytics & Management No Subscription With Subscription
Traffic and application visibility
Hosted log retention 7 days 1 year
Cloud provisioning
Predefined reports
Customized log retention
Customized reports
Config Management

FortiGate Analytics & Management

FortiGateCloud's extensive set of dashboards gives you an immediate
view of FortiGate usage, including a breakdown of network
traffic and bandwidth usage.
FortiGateCloud analytics provides you with drill-down and filtering
functionality to instantly determine how applications, websites, user
and threats are impacting your network.
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